Strobl at the Wolfgangsee

Strobl’s nostalgic country houses, fine art nouveau villas and modern hotels create a wonderful blend of styles, both old and new.

Over 100 years ago, Strobl, on the southern shore of the Wolfgangsee, was already benefitting from its close proximity to Bad Ischl. The Imperial Summer Residence attracted the aristocracy and the upper classes to the Salzkammergut region and the shores of the Wolfgangsee.

Strobl’s former charm has been preserved and the wonderful natural landscape with its moors, alpine pastures and natural beaches make for a delightful holiday experience. The Postalm mountain pasture is considered to be the most beautiful high plateau of the Eastern Alps and is also Austria’s largest plateau – promising unlimited hiking opportunities for all those who love being out and about in the countryside.

Strobl also takes part in the Wolfgangsee’s Advent celebrations during the time leading up to Christmas, in which
one beautifully – decorated village and its Christmas
market after the other can be reached by boat.