St. Wolfgang at the Wolfgangsee

St. Wolfgang in the Salzkammergut is one of Austria’s most captivating lake resorts which combines mountains, tradition, enjoyment, recreation, action and adventure.

Today, whoever sits down in the famous hotel on the shores of the Wolfgangsee to enjoy a coffee and a slice of apple strudel, could well believe themselves to be on a film set. Everything is exactly as imagined, albeit in the 21st century!

St. Wolfgang, on the Upper Austrian side of the Wolfgangsee, is the smallest of the 3 villages, nestling on the slopes of the distinctive Schafberg Mountain, which is visible from a great distance. The Schafberg Mountain cog railway has been transporting tourists up the 1,783 metre high panoramic mountain since 1893.

However, pilgrims have been coming to St. Wolfgang for much longer. In the middle ages, the village was one of the most important places of pilgrimage in Europe and was considered almost on a par with Rome. The ancient eleven kilometre “Pilgrimage way” led to the mystical places of energy where St. Wolfgang was meant to have ministered.

In Advent, giant gates are the entryway onto the lantern-lit road with its Christmas trees, candles and metre-high flaming torches.

The Christ child is eagerly awaited here and fascinating living traditions encourage visitors to while away their time. The many things going on, together with the singing angels of the Wolfgangsee, all help bring about the Christmas spirit.