St. Gilgen at the Wolfgangsee

On the northwestern shore of the Wolfgangsee, between the Schafberg and the Zwölferhorn, lies the beautiful St. Gilgen. A stroll through the elegant village of St. Gilgen on the northern shore of the Wolfgangsee reveals a village idyll coupled with chic, fashionable Flair.

This part of the Wolfgangsee lies in the province of Salzburg and one of Salzburg’s most famous sons has his ancestral roots here. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s mother, Anna, was born in St. Gilgen and Mozart’s sister Nannerl lived in St. Gilgen for many years, less than 30 kilometres away from the city of Mozart.

St. Gilgen is a village brimming with traditions, cultural monuments, wonderful architecture and unique places. The legendary Oxen Cross island can be found near the picturesque Fürberg cove, and the nostalgic Zwölferhorn Mountain cable car travels up to the peak of the same name directly from the village. In the garden of the European monastery of Gut Aich, a hundred or so herbs are grown and the local history museum gives an insight into country customs. Salzkammergut Reinanke (a local whitefish) is served alfresco and short work is made of hand-made Mozart chocolates and Nannerl chocolates. St. Gilgen on the Wolfgangsee has great appeal.

Shining from afar and guiding the way to the Advent market, an 11 metre high candle in St. Gilgen on the shores of The Wolfgangsee beckons one to a village bathed in the uniquely special light of more than 50 large candles. The houses and streets of St. Gilgen are enchantingly decorated with hundreds of coppery, golden Advent candles.